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We have not suspended programming due to COVID-19 

A mutual aid and social justice organization that connects our community to the resources of our basic needs and improving the quality of life in Cambridge, MA and surrounding neighborhoods.

Our mission is to empower every community member to reach their full potential by connecting ideas, providing resources, and opportunities to fulfill aspirations, tailored to the individual.

Our vision is a worldwide community where each individual is ready, willing, and able to be positive, effective members of a self-sufficient society to a point where such an organization is no longer needed.

What We Do

Moving beyond the status quo, encouraging involvement and empowerment, ensuring professional and educational development while providing and innovating economic opportunities.

We have set out to change the status quo in three very significant ways:

  • Through community organizing, outreach, and mentor-ship, we set high expectations for personal and professional readiness.
  • We utilize our partnerships to bring resources to the community.
  • We develop a systems of support to advise people and their families on how to reach these goals.

How We Started

Continuing the work of Samane “Pape” Loum…

In the wake of a July 2014 death, which took the life of our great friend and lifelong Area Four resident, Kensley David, members of our community banded together to continue and support the work of Samane “Pape” Loum as well as to make a change our community for the better.

How was it possible, we asked, that our Cambridge neighborhood – nestled in between two of the world’s great universities and next door to one of the fastest growing economic hubs in the country, Kendall Square – still had its young people leaving high school without college plans or on career tracks? And why, with these great resources at our disposal – a “progressive” electorate and city council, countless non-profits, youth centers, and well-funded public schools – was something not being done about it?

“I’m looking forward to seeing them climb the highest mountains, and they will. They have the good fortune of being born and raised between MIT and Harvard. It is a wonderful exercise to humbly remind them that they can attend and they can succeed.”

— Pape “Pops” Loum