Elon Fyfield is Making a Change in the Community

Elon Fyfield is Making a Change in the Community

For years the city of Cambridge was lacking a basketball league for men. This changed earlier this Spring when the Elon Fyfield decided run a league called “Ballin’ In the Bridge”.  With this men’s league, current & former residents of Cambridge were given a chance to reconnect with each other while playing a game that they love. The inaugural season came to end late last month.

“Ballin In the Bridge was amazing for our first time trying something like this”, says the longtime Cantabrigian. “There were basketball leagues all over Boston and that my friends and I were playing in & it got to a point were I hated traveling 45 minutes for a basketball game. I decided to work along side the FMA principal, & start up our own league. Those who participated in the league believe Elon was successful operating a basketball league  for the ver first time.“Overall the league was well put together, insists Ta’keame Gomes, longtime friend of Fyfield. “Everything ran smoothly with minimal issues. It was exactly what was missing for the adult men in the city of Cambridge.”  The league will start back up in August and will consist of an expansion.

Outside of “Ballin in The Bridge, Elon also works at Fletcher Maynard Academy. He serves as the program director of The Qualls Academy.  This program consists of 3rd-5th graders, a majority of whom are black. Children in the academy are provided with academic support . Since the new year, students’ grades have significantly improved.  “It’s amazing what can do when they have someone backing them up 100% and that’s my job To be that person in the school that these young men can depend on to help them academically, but also play that big brother role to let them know what to expect in the real world. “ With Fyfield’s guidance these children will be able to overcome any roadblocks that that may run into down the road.  The future for the students in the Qualls Academy is certainly bright.

In addition to playing a role with the development of the youth, Elon is a rapper who takes pride in his music.  In the early stages of his adolescence, he was able to identify his talent and made an honest effort to perfect his craft. “At an early age I had had the ability to write, especially poetry”, explains the college graduate.  Initially Fyfield was influenced to by the content of the music he absorbed.  He then had an epiphany and decided to create music that is true to him.  No longer was he following trends. To his delight, his peers positively received the new direction he was taking his music. “ When people heard it, the response I got back was so positive and I felt the appreciation for creating good content , and that was with the movement I decided to stick with,”, confesses the Qualls Academy Director. He is set to release a project in June.

Change appears to be a theme with Elon, and that is what he plans to do by running for school committee. He hopes that those in the community will take into consideration his contributions when it is time to vote. “I really hope that by me continuing to make power moves in the community that people will recognize my worth & recognize and understand I am a great candidate for this reason.” While vying for position, Fyfield knows to change cannot occur solely through his efforts. Instead, it was be an effort from the community. “We need to protect our own people, stop going to surrounding cities and bringing in strangers to tell us what to do & how to live our lives. The same thing needs to be done in the school system. “  Fyfield’s passion of making change for the better is evident and it displayed in his contributions.

Elon Fyfield truly loves Cambridge, as it has played a role in shaping the individual that he is today. Giving back to the community for him is simply an honor.

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