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Future Events

Our goal is to link the community to the many resources available. We will be hosting community building, empowerment, and mentorship events soon. Here is a list of upcoming events:

Past Events

Here is a collection of past community events:

Crab Apple Gardenerz

Poets in the garden

Cambridge Bike Give Back

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Mothers’ Brunch Community Appreciation Ceremony

The Kensley Project Summer Block Party

Kensley Project Party Celebrates Neighborhood Strength

First Summer Block Party

Riding in style in Senegal

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“Be careful, they spit!” At least that’s the common caution given about camels. However, the camels that Fletcher Maynard students got to meet on their trip to Dakar, Senegal were on their best behavior – and there was not a drop of saliva to be seen!

We would like to congratulate the young FMA explorers on their camel rides and hope to hear about their future adventures.

CORI Sealing Workshop

Sealing records without convictions

The non-conviction sealing process is governed by MGL c. 276, § 100C. You can ask the court where the offense originated to request to seal a criminal court record without a conviction for the following case results:

  • Not guilty finding  by a court or a jury
  • No bill returned by a grand jury (failure to indict)
  • No probable cause finding by a court
  • Dismissal without probation entered by a court
  • Nolle prosequi entered (entry on the record of no further prosecution by the prosecutor)

Sealing conviction records

The conviction sealing process is governed by MGL c. 276, § 100A. You can ask the Massachusetts Probation Service (MPS) to seal some criminal convictions. You can ask to seal a criminal record under these circumstances:

  • Misdemeanor — 3 years after you were found guilty or after any jail or prison time, whichever date is later.
  • Felony — 7 years after you were found guilty or after any jail or prison time, whichever date is later.

Additionally, you can move to seal a conviction for resisting arrest.